Quebec CREW 2022
July 3rd - 30th, 2022
Fees: $2,100 Cdn 


Days 1-22:

  •  Camp Iawah canoe trip 

  •  Service, activities and leadership development

Days 23-29:

  •  Camp activities in the afternoons and evenings

Volunteer Hours: 72 with full participation

CREW is the first year of personal development training within the Youth Development and Leadership Program at IAWAH.
It is a four-week program for those who have completed grade 9. CREW is based on volunteer work and focuses on
excellence in work, healthy habits and living in Christian community. Because CREW provides foundations for Godly
character, it is the ideal place to begin to develop yourself as a future leader.
CREW’s first week begins with a three-day canoe trip and three days of training followed by two weeks of service. CREW is an intensive 21-day program and full attendance is required. During the two weeks of work, there is a day of rest that will be intentionally programmed by the CREW Staff.
Each CREW participant will work up to six hours daily in food service (dining room/dishes), housekeeping (bathrooms/general cleaning) and grounds keeping.

CREW is structured with plenty of time to interact with each others through organized team challenges, camp activities and free time.

Quebec ROOTs 2022
July 3rd - 30th, 2022
Fees: $1,950 Cdn 


Days 1-8:  

  • All camp participants begin together and learn foundational truths through experiential-based teaching and group study.

Days 9-18:

  • The group splits into one of three streams;
    Amazing Race, Roots Wild, Roots Altitude

Days 19-22:

  • All 3 groups return to IAWAH and work together

       in preparing and planning for their final project--the               delivery of a week-long day camp at IAWAH.
Days 23-27:

  • The entire group will run a day camp at IAWAH for kids from  our local community of Westport and surrounding area (Volunteer Hours: 40 with full participation)

Days 28-29: 

  • After their week of service, participants finish the program with an intensive debrief, time to reflect.

ROOTs Voyageur will take participants on an incredible journey in a Voyageur Canoe, beginning in Kingston, following the Rideau River and finishing at the Camp IAWAH beach. Over the course of the trip, the group will engage in a video project, producing “daily episodes” of the race. Camping will happen at the locks along the Rideau. If you’re
into an easier paddling trip, or “glamping”, engaging in a photography and film project while participating in an Amazing Race... sign up now!

ROOTs Wild (max. 8 participants)
For those that love the outdoors and a more challenging canoe trip, the team will venture out for 9 days. An extended river trip provides the water conditions necessary for learning the right foundations for participants to consider becoming trip guides in the IAWAH context or elsewhere. The wilderness provides a natural structure and rhythm
in which to learn. It requires learning how to adapt and
respond to its conditions.

ROOTs Altitude (max. 12 participants)
We begin with a few days of preparation and skills development before heading on an exciting outdoor adventure in the Adirondacks high peaks region of Lake Placid, New York.(Ontario or Quebec may be an option due to COVID-19) Participants will plan their own route, and learn essential camping, hiking, and mountaineering skills
such as map reading and trip leading. ROOTs Altitude is an excellent introduction and foundation for those interested in leadership though experiential and outdoor education for teaching camp activities. Join Roots altitude and bag some 5000+ ft. peaks!